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3 years ago

How to handle desktop application graph tooltip value



I am working on desktop application automation using Test Complete 15.30 version. I am having a scenario to validate graph data to actual data.

In detail the scenario is like : I need to hover mouse on graph data and get the tool tip value at specific point. Then I need to compare that value which actual table value. While doing object spy I am getting the graph output as Figure Canvas. 


In the attached image I need to get circle values. Like Row Number and the value.


If I do OCR recognition also I was unable to get that tooltip value. As this is a graphical data validations I cannot go with comparison of images, because my data changes every time.


Kindly guide me to handle graph values in desktop application. 

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    Try drilling down in the Advanced View of the Object Spy values for the graph and see if you can find the tooltip text in there.  You may need to go down several levels.  Once you find it, you can take that string and parse it for the particular values that you want.