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14 years ago

How to find the status of checkboxes on webpage window


I am trying to verify the status of the checkboxes marked under options R,C,F as seen in screenshot . I am able to click on that with this code but somehow the status verification is not working. I tried CellObj.status and CellObj.checked but for both of them it is not able to find status and chekced property.What can I use to verify the checkbox status whether it is checked or not. Checbox enables property will not work as the checkbox under C and F are always enabled,i need to check whether they are checked or unchecked.


page3 = iexplore.Page("http://" + servername + ":" + port + "/" + r2wcontext + "/*");

document = page3.document;


all2 = document.all;

var cellText = "/UserRead";

var cellObj = GetNextCell(all2, cellText);

if (cellObj.status == "False")   //This is not working.

Log.Message("The content access for member is saved correctly","",pmNormal,Attr);


Log.Error("There is some error","",pmNormal,Attr);


function GetNextCell(allObj, cellText)


var obj = allObj.FindChild("outerText", cellText);

var nativeCell = obj.parentNode.cells.item(2);

return allObj.FindChild("uniqueID", nativeCell.uniqueID);



GetNextCell(allObj, cellText){ obj = allObj.FindChild("outerText", cellText); nativeCell = obj.parentNode.cells.item(2); allObj.FindChild("uniqueID", nativeCell.uniqueID);}Thanks.

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