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3 years ago

How to edit name mapping of pop-up objects?

Hello everyone,

I am struggling with the following problem: In my tested application I have some objects that only appear when I click on an item (such as a menu but not a "menu" item) and disappears when I click outside of it.

So, I can identify it via point & fix in the Object Spy, but then my object has disappeared and I can't open it in the object tree to manually edit the name mapping.

How can I solve this?


Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • have you tried the second option to grab the object (ctrl + shift + a)

    that way, you click the object, pop up appears, then you hover the mouse till the object is captured, then you press ctrl shift a.

    Justin Kim
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      that's what I used. The problem is that I can't edit the name mapping because when I change from the tested application to TestComplete the object is gone and the specific fields can't be read anymore. Or the object I need is not exactly the object I could target with the mouse but an object one or more levels up the object tree. But when I want to change to the Object Browser the target is gone and not be accessible in the tree.

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        Hi Capricornus - 


        My suggestion would be to add an object and then modify the properties to be those of the disappearing object - its a bit of a workaround but will allow you to add the object to the NameMapping. 


        Let me know if you have additional questions.