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5 years ago

How to check whether the graphics rendering is complete on loading 3d CAD parts on application

I am trying to find out a way in which I can get the control of the thread process or any method from Testcomplete where in I can find that the processing of the part is complete.

Application I am automating is AutoCAD , SolidWorks and many other CAD applications. I load the 3D CAD parts and in the graphics i.e capture screen is of Class : (Afx:*)  takes some time for rendering and loads it completely after 10 sec or more depending on the complex and size of the geometry.


Approach I used still now but could not get the exact way where in I am sure that parts is successfully rendered or loaded in the screen.

1. Process("app").ThreadCount -- Thread count seems to be not release immediately after part is loaded

2. Process("app").MemUsage-- System Memory seems to be not release immediately after part is loaded

3. Process("app").CPUUsage -- This seems to be working so far but not 100% accurate

4. Text message in the UI -- Generally we don't get any Text message in the screen after part is loaded


May be any way to get the thread control or WaitFor Process function in Testcomplete 

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    Given that the tested application does not provide any feedback to the user that loading process has completed (which is far not the best user experience as for me), I would stick to the already mentioned CPU usage.

    In one projects where we were also waiting for Excel to complete data calls and data processing, we implemented a loop where we requested CPU usage for the given Excel process. Once the usage has fallen below some threshold and kept be there for some additional timeout, we considered that Excel completed data processing. Worked pretty stable for us.


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      Thanks Marsha for the suggestion but it wont help as my application is already been loaded up.


      Steps I am doing:

      1. launch application (example AutoCAD)

      2. Open Part (any CAD geometry of size around 1gb)

      3. Application takes some to process and load the part and view in graphics, I want to know whether the view in graphics is completed.