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4 years ago

How to check if ribbon item is visible?

Maybe I'm missing something, but is it possible to check, whether ribbon item is currently visible? There is an ribbon in the app I work on, with complex logic behind hiding and showing various ribbon sections and items - and it messes my scripts big time. Some context:

First of all, ribbon has three "layers": something like bookmarks, that can show/hide whole sections, then sections, containing items, and then items. So if I'd like to save document, I'd have to turn on main view of the ribbon, and then in "Document" section click "Save" button. In short, call to ribbon would look like this:

Call Aliases.Ribbon.ClickItem("Main|Document|Save", skNoShift)

Because of forementioned "complex logic", items on the ribbon can be visible or not, depending on various factors. Is there a way to check their visibility?

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