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6 years ago

How to automate or verify the moving objects?

Hi champs,

How to automate if any object is moving. Suppose consider a line as an object. On the line, a ball is moving to and fro over the line. How can i find the position of the ball instataneoulsy while it is moving 

Just look at this picture.. 



Kindly find any solution for me.


Thanks and Regards


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    Hi Sriram,


    Considering your generic description that contains no precifics, my answer is : "No way. This is a task for developers and must be implemented from within the application itself".


    -- If the ball is moving slowly enough; and

    -- It can be identified by TestComplete; and

    -- TestComplete can get ball's internal data; and

    -- Your test machine is powerful enough; and

    -- It is acceptable that ball's coordinates are obtained with some deviation; and

    -- Some other conditions that depens on your actual task;

    then there is some chance that you may be able to implement what you'd like to get.


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      Identify the non changing properties using object spy.

      Using descriptive programming to find the object using findchild script and can identify the change in location by finding X and Y coorfinates.
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    It can be validated by using x, y positions of the RED ball. 

    Is TestComplete identify the Red Ball as an object? If so you will be able to grab it's x and y position and do a loop to validate the positions.