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5 years ago

Getting error on using Clickcell method for a grid

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to use the clickcell method to select a record in the grid with the below parameters 

Name         Value     

Row             0

Column      unassigned 

Shift            skNoShift 


and I get an error on running the test as "grid column not found " . But when I use Click method it works fine. But ends up clicking some other record at times.So ideally i would want to use clickcell method. Could anyone suggest what I am I doing wrong here. Or what paramters has to be passed ?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




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    Hi ISR,

    Could you please share the problematic line with us? We will need to see how you call the ClickCell method.

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      Hi TanyaYatskovska ,


      Thank you for replying. I am using keyword tests and below is the line :





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        > Column      unassigned 

        What are your expectations when you command to click a cell but do not specify a column?


        > Aliases.CareCallSQL.BatchSearchForm.SearchGrid.ClickCell(0);

        What object is mapped via the SearchGrid alias? (DevExpress, Qt, ...)