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4 years ago

Getting current Time in Specific Time Zone

I am trying to get current time using vbscript. Instead of the user/system time zone, I would like to get current CST time. How to get current time in some specific Time Zone using vbscript in TestCo...
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    4 years ago

    no, not with aqdatetime.

    if you can find a reliable, free API that gives you current time at a specified timezone, then you could use the aqHttp object and do a get request. 

    then you'd most likely have to save the response body as a variable and then pull the proper key value pairs to output the time

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    4 years ago

    for example, using the free api at, I created a free account to access the current time in Chicago, the below stub is in Python, but the methods used will be available in vbscript as well at




    def get_CST():
      address = ""
      # Create an aqHttpRequest object
      aqHttpRequest = aqHttp.CreateGetRequest(address)
      # Send the request, get an aqHttpResponse object
      aqHttpResponse = aqHttpRequest.Send()
      if aqHttpResponse != None:
        # Read the response data
        Log.Message(aqHttpResponse.Text) # A response body
        df = aqHttpResponse.Text #in as a str
        date = df[-21:-2] #get daterange 
        Log.Message(date) #log a message of current CST date
        return date #output date
        # Save the response body to a file and place it to the project folder
        #aqHttpResponse.SaveToFile(Project.Path + "body.txt")




    and the following logs of running this routine: