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2 years ago

Get record info during data-driven loop

I am currently using a data-driven loop with key word tests. What I'm trying to do is get the value of a column in the table variable for the specific record when an object exists. I want to log a message with that info. 


Full context:

I am running through a list of addresses while testing changes to my company's Shop. If the page shows that services already exist after choosing an address I want to get that specific address so I can remove it from my test data. I currently have an If Object operation using exists for the message object. It only shows if services already exist for the address. I have a Log Message operation with the MessageText field choosing the correct column from the table variable. It doesn't seem to be choosing a row to get that info from. I don't get an error for any of the operations failing. The log does not show a message being generated during a specific address I know should cause the message object to show. 

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    Please post a screenshot of your actual test. You may have a syntax issue that is causing the unexpected results but we won't be able to see that from your description of the test logic.