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13 years ago

Flash/Flex application in Firefox: problem to recognize objects

We have a problem to record test in Mozilla Firefox 11.0: Test Complete doesn’t recognize objects. There are no problems with IE. We did the following configuration:

1) Installed debug version of Flash Player (for Netscape-compatible browsers)

2) Modified mm.cfg file

3) Uninstalled FlashFirebug add-on

4) Added the Flex folder to the list of trusted locations in Flash Player’s setting

5) Changed setting preferences via Firefox’s about:config. Set up false for dom.ipc.plugins.enabled and dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll

We tried to Object Spy your test application located here but it doesn’t recognize objects. Since it is working in IE I’m assuming that the problem is in Firefox settings.

Does somebody have any suggestions?

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  • Hi Olga,

    To make TestComplete 8.70 support Firefox 11 and 12, you need to apply a special patch. The patch is available here.

    Do you face the problem after that?

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    Cool! Thank you, David! It is working now.