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4 years ago

FireFox tests not exeucted with TC v 14.60.

Hi ,


Im trying to execute the fire fox tests using TC v14.60.   But the browser is not opening. The error it says  "

The object with the specified attributes does not exist." . Unable to find the sys.browser(Firefox). 


I have applied the patch as suggested in testcomplete  website. Im using firefox 81.0.1. 


Any help is appreciated.





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    4 years ago

    Thanks Marsha!


    ckumar I found you support case (00453469)

    Looks like our team is waiting for a reply from you. And, also, here's some advice they posted:



    please apply all suggestions from the "Preparing Firefox for Web Testing" article.



    Please post the final result of the investigation here, too.

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