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12 years ago

Filtering tag-values from an xml file

Sorry if this is too close to this thread:

Anyways. I have a scenario where I test databases by inputting a changing xml file to database and want to verify that values were inputted correctly. It might be that I search with wrong keyword but trying to find something with keyword "filter" brought up something very different I was looking :).

So I have e.g.

<tag_name = "Tag_value"> inside a file and I would like to filter out Tag_value in order to compare it to database values but I didn't at least yet find any convinient way to handle this - so any help is apprichiated - link to corrent help file, examples, etc.

Thank you and best seasonal greetings to all :)

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    First of all, happy new year to all those who already celebrated it :). Related to above question my goal initially was that I would filter our from xml log created whether on console window output-stream there is a name of a specific file when I check what all is contained in specific folder.

    After that I read stdOut method that I could use for storing stream from console window and I was wondering would there be easier way to handle what I want (=checking whether a specific file name is within a specific folder).

    so if I store input from console to something like...

    Recset = commandwindow.stdOut


    while (Recset ! EOF)


     if(Recset.Value == "File_I_Want_to_check")






    so would something like this do the trick? Just kind of wondering could I do things easier than currently


    Thank you for your help =)
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    ups, sorry, misclick posted too early, so getting output with following code:

    function CheckIfThereIsXMLinInputFolder()


    // Launch console

    var shell = Sys.OleObject("WScript.Shell");

    var exec = shell.Exec("console I use for testing");

    // Input text to window


    "open session\n" +

    "cd folder I check the xml file existense on server\n" +

    "ls\n" +


    // we store all output from the window

    var output = exec.StdOut.ReadAll();

    // we store up status from going through output and searching from it if there

    // is an file with .xml ending there

    var result = aqString.Find(output,".xml")

    // if we find a file with .xml ending we do this

    if(result != -1)

    Log.Message("Found an file with .xml ending, therefore need to run xyz again")

    // and if we don't we can happily proceed with copying files...


    Log.Message("Didn't find any xml ending files")