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6 years ago

Failed to export the test

Hi SmartBear Community,



I am having a hard time converting tests over to QAcomplete from TestComplete. Last Tuesday, I was able to move tests with no problem but the next day, TestComplete didn't let me convert tests anymore. I am trying to convert mobile tests so the size is bigger than usual tests (I usually write tests for website). I have no clue what is causing this issue and have attached the screenshot of the error message.  We are trying to understand if this is on our end or the rest/API end at smartbear since we use SAAS - not on prem. Note regular web/keyword test convert just fine, it is only Mobile that all of sudden just started giving this error. We have moved several mobile test in the past and in the last month with no issue until now. Any help on this or suggestion would be most beneficial as we are not getting quick resolve through support. 

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    Generally speaking, the 404 means that, for some reason, the destination URL cannot be resolved... probably a "duh" answer, I'm sure.  But my guess is this: that some maintenance is being done on the SAAS version of QAComplete and the URL is not presently available.  I'm not a SmartBear employee, so I can't answer directly... Do you have a customer representative direct contact?  You might want to try calling them just to be sure.

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        Tomo, I see that you had already talked with the Support Team and found out that too big attachments can cause this issue. Let me post their recomendations here:

        I'm pretty sure that the problem is related to the size of the archived project suite folder that TC attempts to send to QAC. On the QAC side, there is a limitation for the attachments size (150 Mb). Your project suite folder archive definitely exceeds this limit. Please don't be confused by the fact that you are trying to send a particular test to QAC, but the entire project suite folder size matters in the end. In a general case, a particular test can refer to other tests within a project suite, so, to be absolutely sure that the test will be run completely the same way if it is started from TestComplete, TC-QAC integration sends the entire TC project suite to QAC. A common suggestion is to avoid creating huge project suites with many tests inside, since starting tests from these project suites can be time consuming, cause performance degradation or even be impossible due to "items to run" size limitation in case of passing these suites to be run from an external test management tool.

        I can suggest the following workarounds to you:  
        * You can try decreasing the size of your project suite folder. If your project is added to a source control system, the project suite folder can contain additional data in the .svn sub folder. Also, previous execution logs and visualizer data usually take much disk space. After the archived project suite folder size is about 100 Mb, you should be able to export this TC project suite to the QAC auto test directly from TC.
        * Preferred way. You can create the corresponding auto test on the QAC side. If you want to keep the project suite as it is (without attempts to decrease the project suite size), you can select the 'Run the test project in place (if possible)' run mode for your automation and specify a local path to the project suite folder on the target host instead of attaching the project suite archive to the automation. Note that you'll need to copy the target project suite folder to the specified location on the test host beforehand. Please refer to the Assign TestComplete Tests help topic for details. 


        Marsha_R, thanks for paying my attetion.