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9 years ago

Facing problem when sharing NameMapping objects across the project suite



        In our project we are having two different projects in single project suite with same NameMapping file (shared from existing project). it was mapped successfully when I am try to highlight the objects. but when I am trying to execute the script some unknown additional panel section is including in object tree structure. so TC failing to fetch the object from mapping file. could you please help us to resolve this issue.

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    Hi, I will start disabling the auto mapp objects during test execution...




    give us more details




  • Hi reshma,


    Please, provide us with the answers of the following questions so we can help you better:


    1 - What kind of application are you testing?

    2 - Please send a screenshot of the Full tree-structure of the component inside Testcomplete Object browser;




    Leandro de Araújo Souza