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3 years ago

Extracting Relevant Values

I have developed a routine where I extract from a spreadsheet and Navigate accordingly. 

Can one simply extract from this table and process as need fit. ------** Into excel

Basically I want to match by check data and check amount.  (I already have them in variables)

Suggestions needed as I will be looping through a many rows of data and the extract changes every time.

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    So, you have some of the data in variables and you want to look up a row in that table that contains the matching data?  Is that it?

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      Marsh that is exactly correct. I have check date and check amount in variables.  The spreadsheet has 30 plus values but I am using these. 

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        I have forgotten if you are scripting or using keyword tests.  If you need this for keyword I can work out an example.


        For scripting, you can use the example here with an addition for your criteria something like this.  No warranties on my syntax or logic   ğŸ™‚



          while (!Driver.EOF() AND !((MyDate = ExcelDate) AND (MyCheckAmount = ExcelAmount))

        //while these are both true, keep looping


        // see if you stopped because of data found or data done
        if ((MyDate = ExcelDate) AND (MyCheckAmount = ExcelAmount))

        then get the rest of the row data


        log message "data not in Excel"