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13 years ago

Executing Test complete scripts on different environments

I have got an application to be tested on 10 different international languages and different OS(XP,Vista,Win 7 - 32 bit and 64 bit) using test complete tool.

My questions are :

1.What is the best way to do this?

2.Considering that I have 5 Virtual PCs on my base OS,then do I need to install Test complete/execute on each of the virtual machines?

How about test complete/execute license - one license is fine or should have one for each?

3.Is it possible to schedule the run of test complete scripts from my base OS?

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  • Hi Om,

    1. To test an application in different languages, you can use Name Mapping configurations for testing. Please see the 'Name Mapping Configurations' article for more information.

    As for different operating systems support, you can organize your tests using the Distributed Testing feature to concurrently run your tests on different machines.

    Also, you can find a description of a possible approach to running tests on different machines in the [url=]' Automated Application Testing on Multiple Operating Systems'[/url] article.

    2. You need to have TestComplete/TestExecute installed on all of your machines where tests are supposed to run. The number of licenses you need depends on the number of TC/TE instances you want to run concurrently. If you want to concurrently run 5 tests, you need to activate 5 licenses. Since you cannot activate a TestComplete/TestExecute license on a virtual machine, you need to activate a Floating-User license on a physical machine. For additional information, please refer to the [url=]' Using TestExecute on Virtual Machines'[url] article.

    3. You can learn how to schedule tests executions from the 'Scheduling TestComplete Runs' article. Also, you can use Distributed Testing to run and control tests on different machines from the master machine.

    I hope this helps.