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5 years ago

Error with AutoWait Timeout with Collapsing an Accordion Filter

I need some help.


I've running a test that has an accordion filter. The initial state of the filter is collapsed and the action that needs to be taken is to expand and select a sub filter. 


When the test runs, the filter gets expanded, but the test fails with a message stating: The accordion item 7 was not collapsed during the auto-wait timeout. Mind you, the Auto-Wait Time out is set to 0.00ms.  Please see the Images for the settings and steps that I have.

Is there a correct way of setting the steps and parameters in order for test not to fail? 

  • Looks like you got solutions from the Support Team! Let me post them here, too:



    Our solution would depend on the object hierarchy structure, but the ultimate solution would be to have the click operation performed on an object that contains the text of the filter (for example, a "Category Filter" text node object), In name mapping, this object would be recognized by the filter name. This means that even if the order of the filters changes, TestComplete will still find the correct filter because it is using the name of the filter.

    If the parent object it the dynamic object, we would simply make sure the parent is also using the filter's name as a property for identification. We could also use required children to require a child object that does have the filter name if the parent object does not. Information on editing name mapping properties and using required children can be found in the links below:

    Basic Mapping Criteria 

    Required Children 

    Ultimately, as long as the object is able to be located no matter what position its in, then we can simply preform the click action on this object.



    I'll go ahead and mark this as a solution.

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    Have you tried to set autowait timeout to 1000 for example ?

    I never do test with autowait timeout set to 0.

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      Thanks for the Response, and Yes I have tried it with 1000ms even 10000ms and everytime I run it, it fails.


      I'm not too familiar with getting the code yet as I just started working with this tool. Can you walk me through it?

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        rmariano , I see that you've opened a support case for this. Please keep us updated when you find a solution:smileyhappy: