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3 years ago

endless waiting for a playback

Dear Sirs,
My name is Anna.
I'm writing about endless waiting for a playback during the test execution.
I am testing the desktop application written in Delphi. The form has an element of BarManager class with several ItemLinks with linked actions (picture1.jpg). When I use the Click method for the Item (used ...VCLObject("BMBar1").ItemLinks.Items[1].Item.Click()) called form opens, but the test goes into endless waiting for a playback (picture2.jpg). I tried to execute action (used Form.act_Request_AddExecute(Form)), I tried to find the component of dxBarButton class and execute Click for it (add = AddReq.FindComponent("dxBarButton6") add.Click()), but the result is the same.
The result is correct (the test receives playback and moves on the next step) only if I use Click method with the indication of coordinates for the form or the element of BarDockControl class. It doesn't suit me.
Why does the test goes into endless waiting for a playback?
Best regards, Anna


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    Are you 100% sure this is the operation that's causing the endless waiting? If you pause when it's waiting is this the operation that it is up to? If you set debug points is it definitely this operation?


    I don't have any experience with Delphi and I have never seen this behaviour before.