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3 years ago

Drop-down box cannot be closed error

Hi there,


I was running my test on Google Chrome, and I got the "Drop-down box cannot be closed" error message when it was trying to select an item from a dropdown list. This error doesn't happen every time when running the script, and once it happened, it not only triggered this error but also failed to select the item from the dropdown. Does anyone has any idea how I can fix this issue?


Thanks in advance

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    Is this a standard or some custom drop-down?

    What is its markup on the page? (I.e. is this really a drop-down or some emulation implemented, for example, as a text-box and a list box?)

    Is it pre-populated with data or data are requested when the user tries to open this drop-down?


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      it is a standard dropdown. I modified the order of my script that access the dropdown list, hopefully it can prevent the issue happen again.

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        I am also facing same issue in Edge browser,

        In chrome it works correctly.