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14 years ago

Does Testcomplete support Internet Explorer 9?

Does Testcomplete support Internet Explorer 9?

Official release - 14 march :)

If Yes - what minor ver? 8.3, 8.4 or etc.?

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  • Hi Nikita,

    We will try to implement support for Internet Explorer 9 after it is officially released. We understand that our customers will use the latest IE version. So, we will do our best to implement this functionality as soon as we can.
  • Currently our scripts wors fine with IE 9 RC without any changes (except changes to file download process throw IE).
  • Hi,

    As you know, IE9 is already released. So, my question is: when we should expect new version with full IE9 support? At least rough estimate

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    Hi Oleksiy,

    My guess is that TC9 may be considered as a rough estimate. ;)

    Talking seriously, had you tried your scripts with IE9 like John did? Did you find some problems?

    The case is that you can provide AQA with the list of IE9-related problems before they release TC with IE9 support thus making it possible for them to pay additional attention to the areas that gave you problems.
  • Hi Oleksiy,

    We are planning to implement official support for IE 9 in the next TestComplete 8 update. However, I cannot give you more precise time estimates at the moment.

    As Alexei mentioned, you can submit issues you have faced when using IE 9 with TC 8.20 via our Contact Support form.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for reply, as for now I faced only with 2 issues under IE9:

    1. As John mentioned TC doesn't support new IE download messages (instead of dialogs). I've tried to make workaround using MSAA but it doesn't work very well.

    2. Somehow CallObjectMethodAsync() doesn't work on Telerik dialogs. It seems related to iframe content which is part of the dialog. For example, this one doesn't work:

    asyncRes = Runner.CallObjectMethodAsync((aqObject.IsSupported(element, "NativeWebObject") ? element.NativeWebObject : element), "click");

    Should I create tickets for both issues?

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    Hi Oleksiy,

    Currently, the only way to test a new download manager is to use the MSAA technology. You need to add the "DirectUIHWND" class to the MSAA settings. Please read the "Project Properties - MSAA Options" article for details.

    BTW, I have registered a suggestion to implement special support for the manager in our DB. Currently, I cannot give you more precise time estimates regarding the terms of the functionality's implementation.

    As for the second problem, could you please contact us via our Contact Support form and describe the situation in detail? If your tested page is public, please send us a link to the page so that we can reproduce the behavior in our lab. If you cannot do this, please save the page in the MHT format and send it to us.