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5 years ago

Documentation for this ActionButtonClick.BeginInvoke( para1, para2, para3, para4) please?

Hello - Could you please provide where I may get more info about this kind of action that seems to be an attribute/action/method of this mapped object, in this case a button as shown
btnSearch = Alias.ABCpanel.DEFentity.SomeDerivedWinformButton
btnSearch = ActionButtonClick.BeginInvoke(None, None, None, None) #what does this do?

Basically I am to take on some stuff done by a previous staff that is on a long vacation and from what i heard he won't be back. Thanks in advance for your help.

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      The code fragment was written in python.

      There's no way BeginInvoke() is a C# method.
      Yes I meant Aliases but some code fragment get masked but hope you have understood what i'm talking about.



      ps: the forum is very confusing, the green box is viewed as accepted solution and there are 2 green boxes. I was not the one to hit neither the 'Accept as Solution' buttons

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        Your post was very short on details.  There's also no way we can know what your previous staff member wrote or how it works.  I made a couple of guesses with the little information you gave rather than leave your request ignored.


        We're very good at TestComplete, but not so much on mind reading.