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6 years ago

DevExpress RibbonControl: TC cannot click on the RibbonControl items in some cases

Hi everyone   I'm automating my application that is using the RibbonControl from the DevExpress.   There is a problem with clicking the RibbonControl items when I manually select the tab in t...
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    6 years ago

    Hi TanyaYatskovska 


    As promised, posting the last update that I have got from the support and R&D team.

    They have submitted that there was the bug with the way TC handle the last versions of DevExpress RibbonControl and fixed the problem.


    They have sent the hotfix for me for the testing and it seems to be working fine. I have also tested this issue on TC version 14.0.317.7 and it also works fine (seems like the fix has already been released). In the meantime, our app was upgraded to DevExpress v 18.2.6 and it also works fine.