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6 years ago

Delphi + TMS DBAdvSearchEdit



In my Delphi application I make use of the TMS TDBAdvSearchEdit component. When I try to replay a keyword test I don't get the result as expected. The AdvSearchEdit component is basicaly an edit with some kind of dropdown list with suggestions in it. When you start typing, matching suggestions show up and when you click enter the selected suggestion becomes the text in the edit.

The problem I experience is that when the test is played the chars are inserted in the DBAdvSearchEdit directly and the suggestion list never shows.


How can I make this work?


p.s. I am newbie with TestComplete  :)

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  • Hi,

    (TMS components, good choice :manhappy: )

    I think that you are setting text property directly, not using keys method. You might try




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    The problem is solved! I accidently didn't filled the list with values  :manembarrassed:


    Kiitos paljon