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4 years ago

Default Parameter

I have a default parameter in my keyword test, it is a url called loginPage: When I look at the test case in the Execution Plan that parameter is blank: It feels like the default value ...
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    4 years ago



    Generally speaking, I agree with you and your described scenario but with two notes:

    -- Synchronization between keyword test and execution plan must work really well so that every change in the keyword test parameters is reflected in the execution plan; and

    -- It must be clear in the execution plan that default value for the parameter is used but not manually entered one.


    And just because of these two notes I think that empty value displayed in the execution plan for empty parameter is better than some displayed value that can make you to be uncertain whether or not the default value is used.

    You are welcome to create either Support ticket via the form or create a new Feature Request here and reference this thread: