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4 years ago

DB Checkpoint - How to avoid True/False conversion

I Encountered a situation while creating Database checkpoint. The SQL Table (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio) stores the value as 0 or 1, BUT the TestComplete DBTable converts it to True o...
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    4 years ago

    Thanks sonya_m for the explanation. Yes, what i was after was that the visual representation of the stored value and baselined value to be the same. To that effect i did create a support ticket and received a satisfactory/working solution to keep the data from converting when the column's datatype is 'bit' as below:


    "I would like to first mention however that we discovered this conversion behavior is not caused by TestComplete, but is actually caused by the data provider TestComplete uses. If this same provider is used somewhere else, such as visual studio, then the same conversion behavior occurs."


    To get around the conversion from the data provider, create a custom query so that the column uses the "Cast" command  As an example:



    CAST(dbo.Bit_Test.Changing_Value as int) as COLUMN_NAME