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7 years ago

Data driven testing :- Jscript runtime error unexpected error from external database driver(1)

Hello All,

Recently Test completed had received new update as usual and what we observe that we lost the data driven connectivity with both .xls and .xlsx file extension , application throwing j script run-time error popup on screen. as results we can not perform data driver testing at presently on test complete tool,


Error details


Jscript runtime error .

Unexpected error from external database driver(1)



Code sample

Function DDT()


var Driver;

  // Driver = DDT.ExcelDriver("C:\\MyFile.xlsx", "Sheet1", true);

Driver = DDT.ExcelDriver("C:\\TestData.xls", "Data1"); 



any workaround please? 




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    This is a known problem with a recent Windows update having to do with Excel drivers.  I believe this has been fixed in a TestComplete version 12.41 which is available for download.  Contact support and see if this is the case.

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      There is no such version still available for me , currently test complete 32 bit version showing its latest version as 12:40 and test complete 64-bit version showing me its latest version as 12:31


      none of above version showing any updates when clicked on check for update option available under help menu option.


      do you please provide me link where i can download this latest version named as 12:41 


      is it external version not available on smart community web site.