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3 years ago

Data Driven Loop not adding new row in the second iteration in excel



I have one keyword test to place order from ecommerce site. 

I am passing input data like first name, last name, address etc from excel source. Once the order number generated its getting printed in target excel.

But when data driven loop is enabled rows are not getting inserted. Same row is getting over written in every loop.


Can somebody suggest the solution to increment rows also?



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      I tried with Add Row option. 

      With every run its creating new row without adding data-driven loop. 

      And it is difficult to get object properties of next page and add it to same sheet with Add Row. 


      Can you please suggest me any other option to add rows during run time with data-driven loop using Write to excel.?

      Is there any possibility we can increment cells after converting the keyword test to jvascript ?