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3 years ago

Create test with several desktop applications

Hi All,

Is it possible to run several desktop applications at the same time and test them at the same time?

Desktop Application file field accepts only one exe file.



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  • Hi Motiy,


    I hope you are keeping well.


    Yes it is possible to run several desktop applications at the same time.


    Within TestComplete we have the Run TestedApp Operation, which can be used to launch one or all applications that are included in the tested applications list of your TestComplete project.


    For additional details on Run TestedApp please see the following documentation;


    Also for details on Tested Applications and how to add them to your project, please review the following link;


    Please let me know if this resolves your query or if you have any additional questions.





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      Hi Shane,
      Thank you very much for the quick.

      Can I runi seversl instances of the same app in the same script? and refer to a different instance each time?
      My goal is to test the effect of an action that occurred in indtance #1 on instance #2 and instance #3 (there is communication between the three app instances) in the same script.

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        Hi Motiy,


        Yes, this is also possible.

        Started instances will have separate processes in the Object Browser and can be distinguished by Index property.