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2 years ago

Create a High level Custom report

Hi All, 


I want to create a High level custom report which contains -

Number of Tests ran,

Number of Tests passed -

Number of Tests Failed -

Number of Tests with warnings- etc,

basically all the details available on Execution Summary report.


Please note

1) On my test machine, I dont have a email client to use "Send via E-Mail..." feature. 

2) I tried LogResults object. But it doesnot give me enough details. 
3) I tried exporting the summary to xml and parse it. That didnt work.

Could anyone give me a working example? I am working with C#. 


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      Hi Marsha, 

      Thank you for quick reply.

      The link you posted had another link, which got me redirected to Exporting Test Results | TestComplete Documentation ( I have already referred this documentation and I am able to export the log to .mht, .xml, .html, etc. and attach that to my email and send it over.

      But the problem is with the mail body. Untill the user opens the attachment, he/she doesnt know if the test has passed or failed. I WANT TO RESOLVE THAT. Somehow, I want to send Tests Ran, Test Passed, Test Failed in the mail body.

      Appologies, If I was not clear in my root question.


      Please help.


      Thanks and regards,

      Shreenivash A

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    In my setup, once the automation has finished, the .xml result file is exported,

    I then translate this xml file into html to produce the following report, which is then sent via email,


    I've used PowerShell script to translate the .xml results. There's plenty of examples on the internet that show how to do this.