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4 months ago

Copy/Paste and other actions Hang before executing/completing execution during code entry

Version 15.59.7

Using a no internet On-Premise Server license

Virtual PC with 4XCPU /16GB Ram /500 GB HDD

Since installing the most recent version of Test Complete I am experiencing issues with code entry.  I can highlight and copy a bit of code (ctrl-c) the program becomes unresponsive and can hang for several seconds.  The when clicking and ctrl-v to paste another hang up ensues.  Depending on the time it takes to render the typing on the screen characters may be missing or placed elsewhere.  Other than looking up and seeing that the code entry hasn't happened, there is no sign that TC hasn't deigned to spit the code onto the screen.  This causes me stress and severe loss of productivity.

Very often just clicking into the code and starting to type can cause Test Complete to hang before allowing the typing to show on the screen.  This is most annoying at best and can be infuriating.  

I do not see this behavior in Word, Notepad, etc.   This leads me to believe that Test Complete is responsible for this behavior.  Prior to this latest installation, using a 'normal' license, (that uses the internet) this behavior was not happening.   I believe the VM is adequately equipped.  This activity did not occur prior to this installation.

Please investigate and advise.