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2 years ago

Connect to AWS RDS from TestComplete



We are currently running an SQL DB on AWS RDS, and I have a very simple use case that is frustratingly difficult to achieve. I want to select a single value from the DB based on a known parameter. This part is easy, it's actually establishing a connection to the DB that I cannot get working. With ReadyAPI, it's a simple connection and I am able to query like I expect.


Has anyone got a connection to an AWS RDS DB established that could shed some light on this?

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    You can use ADO to create the connection, provided you have a valid connection string. Yours would look something like:

 ,1234; Initial Catalog=MyApp.DatabaseName; User=myappusername; Password=myapppassword; MultipleActiveResultSets=True; Application Name=MyApp.Api



    You should be able to find your connection string using this [Amazon reference] then use it in the code below, which you can add to a TestComplete script




    // executes sql statement capturing single result
    function sqlQueryOne(query) {
      // set log and variables
      Log.Message("SQL Query: " + query);
      var AConnection, recSet, result;
      // create a connection object
      AConnection = ADO.CreateConnection();
      // specify the connection string
      AConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLNCLI11;"
        + "Server=tcp:" + ProjectSuite.Variables.dboDatabaseServer + ";"
        + "Database=" + ProjectSuite.Variables.dboDatabase + ";"
        + "Uid=" + ProjectSuite.Variables.dboDatabaseUser + ";" 
        + "Pwd=" + ProjectSuite.Variables.dboDatabasePass.DecryptedValue + ";";
      // open the connection
      // execute a simple query
      recSet = AConnection.Execute(query);
      // validate results  
      if (!equal(recSet.Fields.Item(0).Value, "0")) {
        result = recSet.Fields.Item(0).Value;
        Log.Message("SQL Query Result: " + result);
      else {
        Log.Warning("WARNING: no records found");
      return result;
      // close the connection



    And your main function to get the result within TestComplete would be something like:

    function getSQLResult() {
       var result = sqlQueryOne("SELECT [column] FROM [table] WHERE [your condition]");
       Log.Message("DB RESULT: " + result);