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12 years ago

Code Editor

There are a couple of things about the code editor, that while I realise they are hardly critical, are starting to drive me nuts when I am working in it all day.  I was just wondering why it is designed to behave this way:

1(most annoying)

When I execute a script with debug turned on, it opens up not only the scripts which contain code which is executed when the script is running, but a whole pile of totally unrelated scripts from the same project.  So I end up with 20 tabs open and then have muck about with the drop down arrow or back and forth trying to find the one I am working on.  Ironically if one is closed it often is the one that I was working on and should be open.

I realise I can turn off debugging, however I want to see the script being executed.

I just dont understand why totally random scripts --  which are definatel;y completely 110% not ever in a million years, being executed, refereed to or in any other way, shape or form, related to the ones being executed -- are always opened up in the tabs?  Its not even the same ones I can run the same script multiple times over, and get different 'random extras' pop up after each run....  Constantly closing them all is doing my head in slowly but surely

I can understand that it has to load the executed scripts if I have debugging on, but these additional random unrelated ones??? 

 I know they are unrelated as I have done the following

  closed all tabs but the one i am about to execute

  run a script

  removed random scripts which were opened after the script was executed (as in removed from the project).  Clearly if the scripts I was   removing were actually being executed and I just didnt realise that - then I would expect to get some errors if I run the same script again, yes?

  run script again - no errors for missing objects etc.

Ive noticed this on version 6, 7 8 and 9 of TC.

2: The senection of text in the code editor.  The way when I click somewhere it tends to select - seemingly at random, several lines above and below where I click.  So I click where I want the cursor, and sometimes this unselects the few lines of text, other times it does not, sometimes I have to click several times.  MANY times when I am in a hurry, this has resulted in me accidentally deleting a whole pile of code. 

I know I can turn this off, as I tried that - then if I select anything and hit backspace (ie when I want to delete it) I cannot and have to delete things with the backspace button

Is there a reason the navigation with the cursor and selection of code does not work the way it does in every other text editor, or IDE Ive seen?  Also if I use the left/right arrow keys to move to the start or end of the selected at random section, it takes me one past that - which is kinda weird...

On both the above - I have tried the settings which would disable the behaviour - but as noted above they result in even less desirable behaviour

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
    Hello Kim,

    The problematic behavior you describe does not seem to be expected for TestComplete. Unfortunately, I have failed to reproduce it. It would be very helpful if you sent us a video demonstrating the problematic behavior. To record the video, you can use Jing which is a free recorder.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have both the issues mentioned as well. For #1 the easiest way to reproduce the behavior is to do a search over the entire project. Wherever it finds a match it opens the file automatically. If the match happens to be in 100 files but I only need one of them, I then have to close 100 tabs open for no reason at all. TC behaves the same way for ANY access to script files. It should create an object in memory and work on that, not instanciate a new document on screen every time it needs to access a file.

    The second issue I attributed to Remote Desktop and VMWare originally, but it's entirely possible the problem is with the TC text control not detecting mouse button release fast enough. What seems to happen is  when you select a block, you release the button after your selection then move the mouse elsewhere, TC keeps selecting for a short amount of time, resulting in a bad selection/accidentally moved text, etc... It's quite annoying when you work in the application 8 hours a day.

    Similarly, another UI issue is with pasting with CTRL-V. For some reason I have to press the shortcut twice 90% of the time in TC, because the first time simply doesn't work.

    Or the fact that after executing a test it never returns to the window I originally started the test from, always to the next tab.

    While I work I often use Notepad++ as a text editor on the same remote desktop session, and I have NEVER seen similar behavior.

    I think TC is a great piece of software, but the UI logic is greatly antiquated, bloated, and very dysfunctional in some areas. It looks, and feels, like it was written in VB6 ages ago and never updated. A redo with proper MDI logic and threading is long overdue in my opinion. Spend some time on ergonomy, make the software more comfortable to work with.
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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hello Hugo,

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues with TestComplete. I may be missing something, but I still cannot reproduce the issues you are describing. I'd like to ask you to open support tickets for the issues, so that our Support Team can investigate them further and assist you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.