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8 years ago

Code Contest: Export/Importing Project Variables

Hello Community,   We are announcing the first Code Contest in our TestComplete Community. All of you can take part in the contest to check/improve your skills and win the main prize. I hope for ...
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    8 years ago

    Hello Community,


    At the beginning of my speech, I want to say big thanks to everyone who took part in our first Code Contest!

    It was difficult for us to choose the winner as all of your works are great and worth using in TestComplete. To make the ultimate decision, we took into account these three criteria: functionality, extension’s GUI and usability.


    Here are the extensions that made it to the final posted by:






    And, the Oscar goes to… oops, sorry… and, the winner is StevenN!


    Congrats, Steven!

    I will contact you shortly to describe how you can get the main prize – a $50 gift card.


    Please join me in saying thank you to all the participants and congratulating Steven.



    And, be ready for the next contest…