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8 years ago

Click QuickAccessToolbar items in Infragistics UltraToolbarsDockArea

UltraToolbarsDockArea is supported, but the link on the Supported Infragistics Controls page links to the UltraDockManager page instead, which doesn't have the same actions, so I'm fumbling around a bit with this and hoping somebody out there knows how to do this. I don't see anything that looks right when I hit '.' in the IDE and just scroll through options.


The ClickItem action is supported and seems to work well; however, it starts out in the UltraToolbarsDockArea.ToolbarsManager.Ribbon.Tabs property and goes from there. That is, if I have an UltraToolbarsDockArea item UTDA, and tell it




, it clicks the first Tool in the first Group in the first Tab. The QuickAccessToolbar tools are not children from .ToolbarsManager.Ribbon.Tabs, though, they're sibling to Tabs (UltraToolbarsDockArea.ToolbarsManager.Ribbon.QuickAccessToolbar). I can pull out the indexes for those tools easily enough, the same as any tabs, groups, or tools, so it seems like there should be some way to click on them, too, but I can't find anything.  Is that just not supported, or am I missing something?


Thanks much for any help!


Edit: Got my head turned around from the mixed up link heh. Fixed the names / paths above.


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