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6 years ago

Changing Scripting Language

Hi All


A very basic question...


How can I change my existing project's scripting language ? Thanks


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    There's no way to do it.

    You'll have to create a new project from the scratch

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    even with AlexKaras solution you may have to do much work to get things in up and running.

    each language has it's own grammar. If you are going from A to B to use features of B, have to re-write code using B. 

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      > even with [...]

      Sure, obviously.

      BTW, this is one of the reasons why personally I prefer to use helper objects provided by TestComplete instead of those provided by this or that scripting language when possible. (E.g. aqString instead of string.XXX in JScript and string functions of VBScript.) If you don't work for the same project for years, the use of helpers provided by TestComplete makes it much more easy to port your test code between projects that use different languages. (Yes, I am aware about script extensions:), but due to their nature it is not always possible to move test code into them.)

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        I got my answer:smileyhappy:


        But I am sure someone can tell me a way to check what script language is being used by the project ?