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3 years ago

CEF objects are not recognized when running from Test Execute

Did anyone encounter issues when running apps developed using Chromium Browsers (CEF Window) ? The test is passing 100% of time when running with Test Complete 14.91 but they fail when running with Test Execute 14.91. I checked and the object is slightly different - it looks like the parameter for tested app is missing the CEF parameter described here 

The object on the left is captured when testi is launched from test execute while on the right is from test complete. 

I checked all the possible things but I am running out of ideas. 

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    I had the case like yours even with TestComplete when it was started as a regular application. It appears (in our case) that one must start TestComplete (or TestExecute) with elevated permissions (Run As Administrator).

    Check if this will help.


    P.S. Just to be on the safe side: I hope that your tested application is started as a TestedApp from within TestComplete\TestExecute as it is required in documentation, isn't it?