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5 years ago

Cannot get a picture object from the input parameter.

Hello,   I am having trouble I don't understand...I am using the "add a checkpoint via wizard" and choose "Image" and  "Select window region"..   My code: Success = Regions.Added_Columns2.C...
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    5 years ago

    So, here's the deal.  That object does not exist in your listing.  However the error was pointing out that it was looking at Aliases.hastus.Form as where the problem is.... and your addtomap error is indicating that you already have the form you're looking for mapped to that item.  So, there's your problem.  It appears that your automation is looking for one name but you have it named something else entirely in your mapping.  Not exactly sure how that happened but that seems to be the case.  The status drop down that you're looking for is part of a chain of objects off of that Aliases.hastus.Form.  So, it looks like you're going to need to edit those steps in your script to point to the proper object in your Aliases tree.