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2 years ago

Calling SOAP UI from TestComplete



We have some SOAP UI requests that we call from within TestComplete via the ReadyAPI1.Test1.Execute()  mechanism.

I can see that the ready API Editor overrides page allows me to specify a different host to that specified in SOAP UI request.

Is there a way that I can use a project variable here  to set the host via my tests scripts?

I have tried setting a project variable to my server name and then entering the project variable in the host field but it doesn't like it.

Any ideas how I can run the same  SOAP requests on different servers - via testscripts?



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    I would suggest reviewing the TestComplete doc for the ReadyAPI Test Editor - specifically Overrides and Properties: 


    You can set a Project.Variable as a project property to use in your API test. And although the docs don't explicitly explain how to pass the variable at runtime - I believe they cover it in the SmartBear Academy video somewhere.


    You can try creating and setting a new Project.Variables.hostName > setting this as a project property in the API test editor > and using the following as the Host in your Overrides: ${#Project#hostName}

    ^^^ here's a post about it that may be helpful [here]

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look at the articles and see if I can find the SmartBear video.


      In the meantime, I have managed to work around it by creating a routine that calls my tests using command line calls to testrunner.bat where I can pass in host name etc as parameters