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2 years ago

Browser jumps when capturing a checkpoint

I am currently using Test Complete version 14.10.1042.7 x64, Chrome Version 113.0.5672.93.  I am seeing a different issue than what everyone else seems to be experiencing. When my test runs and the checkpoint validation takes place, the browser quite obviously "jumps" so the actual checkpoint doesn't match in the end.  This also happens when I attempt to capture a checkpoint - the browser "jumps".  Not sure if this is a TestComplete issue or still another Chromium issue. 



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  • From my experience:

    • Chrome version 113* is yet not completely compatible with Testcomplete -> use Chrome 112*
      If you not have a license for Intelligent Quality add-on -> do not make a checkpoint with pictures
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      Is this add-on something new that was added? Up until Chrome 113
      everything had been working fine with my checkpoints. Where can I look to
      find out if I do indeed have the add-on?

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