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4 years ago

Best Practice for permanent availability

Hi all,


At the moment i have to test a web application. Since we are working in DevOps, my tests should run everytime a pull request to stage environment is performed.

i already have some experience with testing desktop applications, there i start my tests from devops manually and this works fine every time.


as i wanna get more into automating the automation my question would be on how to create the ideal setup for this task?

whenever i started my desktop test and closed or minimized the remote session (manually, energy options, ..) TestExecute could not interact with the GUI anymore and the task bricked.


my first idea was to set up a physical test machine that runs 24/7. but as this does counterfeit the idea of green it im looking for a better solution. maybe some of you had the same challenge, if you did please let me know. i already tried the solution with a permanent remote session by disconnection via batch. problem i had was that all dialogues were maximized.

thank you very much in advance!