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4 years ago

Batch file command do not delete TestExecute process running last time

We are using batch file to run our TestComplete Tests on TestExecute machine . Attached below here is the batch file. We have already included the command to check whether testExecute process is running . if it isrunning then it should kill before starting new tests.


It is not working any more . 


I have manually opened the TestExecute . Then I ran the batch file . But it do not kill the TestExecute process and no tests get started.


Any idea what is missing here.



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    4 years ago

    As far as I can see, the issue was solved by reinstalling TestExecute - I checked the support case. Let me mark this workaround as a solution here.

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    I use these lines for myself:


    REM Check if an instance is on memory, if not go directly to run, if yes kill this instance

    tasklist | find "TestExecute.exe" /C /i > nul
    if ERRORLEVEL 0 goto Start1
    taskkill /f /im TestExecute.exe
    timeout 3




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        a label.
        So if no instance detected it go directly to the line labelled Start1 in the batch file