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3 years ago

Azure CI/CD pipeline - TestComplete could not start because the license check has failed

Here is my CI/CD pipeline. I get the following error when I execute the pipeline.
We have a key based license. Should I put the accesskey as below  or it is not required? If so , where do i find the accesskey as I don't have a smartbear account.
Is accesskey same as License key ?
We have license only for TestComplete not for TestExecute , So have used TestComplete.
If there are any other issues in the pipeline , please advise.
      - taskInstallTestCompleteAdapter@1
          accessKey:  'xxxxxx'


      - taskVSTest@2
          testRunTitle'Automated tests'
Unable to connect to TestComplete: User authentication error. Token does not exist.User authentication error. Token does not exist. TestComplete could not start because the license check has failed.

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  • Here is where we would add the Token during a CLI execution:

    Ex in Yaml form:

    name: VM Agent Pool
    - task: VisualStudioTestPlatformInstaller@1
    displayName: 'Visual Studio Test Platform Installer'

    - task: SmartBearSoftware.install-testcomplete-adapter-task.install-testcomplete-adapter-task.InstallTestCompleteAdapter@1
    displayName: 'TestComplete test adapter installer'
    preferredExecutor: TC
    installExecutor: false
    updateExecutor: false
    accessKey: 'Your Access Key'

    - task: VSTest@2
    displayName: 'VsTest - testAssemblies'
    testAssemblyVer2: '**\*Project Suite executed'
    vsTestVersion: toolsInstaller