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4 years ago

Auto wait time not working after update to 14.40 version of TC

Few scripts started to fail after update to 14.40 version of TC as objects were not existing. 

I added auto wait time for those steps and scripts continue to fail at that step. 

I had to manually add delay statements or add Dynamic Wait script routine that was custom developed to wait until objects exists or visible for those steps to pass.

Are there issues that were introduced with new version of TC related to Auto Wait time?

  • Okay, so, I've found your support case and it looks like the issue is no more!

    let me quote the solution here:



    To explain, the timeout is how long TestComplete will try to find the object. It is not waiting the timeout time before looking. If TestComplete looks in the location where the object loads before it has finished loading, TestComplete won't find the object and will continue searching elsewhere, up until the timeout.

    In this case, delaying execution for a few seconds can help with making sure the object has enough time to load before TestComplete tries to find the object.


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