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13 years ago

Audio problems during distributed testing


I am testing a VOIP application. I am running two apps on two distinct VMs, each with an headset plugged in.

I have tested that a call can be established, with voicepath, between the two VMs without TestComplete.

However, when I run my script which establishes a call between both apps, my app returns an error message stating the the sound card is already in use.

Can somebody tell me what setting can I change on TestComplete to avoid this issue?

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Note: I am using TestExecute on both VMs. Version is 8.5

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)
    Hi Benoit,

    The problem seems to be nontrivial, and, though other TestComplete users may give you some hints, it may require advanced troubleshooting that can't be done here, on the forums. I'd like to ask you to open a support ticket about this issue, so our Support Team can investigate it more closely. Please attach your test project(s), VM configurations and any other details that seem relevant. Also, a sample application where the issue can be reproduced would be helpful to figure out what exactly is happening.

    By the way, you say, you're using the TestExecute version 8.50, whereas the latest version is 8.60. Could you please upgrade to 8.60 and see whether that works for you?