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3 years ago

Applying wait in BDD steps

Hi All,   I have a bdd structure like below:   When (....) some actions like click etc Then (...) Assertion script method.... aqUtils.Delay(1000);   When (....) some actions like click etc...
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    3 years ago

    Hi TestQA1 


    If the object can't be found it may be linked to the criteria in the name mapping or the values you have defined in the wait property. 


    The idea of the wait property is to wait until that property value equals the specified value or until a specified time limit elapses rather than a static wait time every time. 


    Typically this is linked to the Auto-wait time out which can be extended. 


    Alternatively you can add an explicit time limit just for that wait operation 


    For example


    Aliases.browser.pageSignUpLoginForm.buttonLogIn.WaitProperty("enabled", "true", 20);


    Delays are just a short term way of figuring out whether you need to add in wait times or not.