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5 years ago

Angular Material 8 not recognized by Test Complete

My application uses angular with material, It's not possible by test complete to identify material objects details from DOM. Any idea when the possible support expected if at all.

  • Hi santi,


    The fastest way to resolve the issue is to reach out to our support team by submitting a case here - we will schedule a call to collect more info and find the cause of the recognition issues as soon as possible.


    AlexKaras, thank you for your assistance in this thread!


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    Most of the folks who frequent here are users just like you so we don't necessarily have that sort of inside track.


    TanyaYatskovska  and sonya_m might be able to do some leg work.

    HOWEVER...  I'm not sure why you're saying it can't see Angular Material controls.  From the documentation:

    TestComplete can work with any web control via the control’s graphical user interface displayed in a web browser, no matter how the control is implemented on the server side. You can test web applications that use controls implemented by using various technologies and frameworks, including Angular frameworks and component libraries (like AngularUI, Angular Material, and etc.).

    This can be found at


    So... it seems that angular material is supported... which tells me something else is wrong with your set up.  Double check to make sure that the plug-in is turned on (File -> Install Extensions)

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      As far as I see, the topic is quite old. Let us know santi if this is still an issue!

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        Thanks both for reply, and apology for responding late.


        We use Angular+Angular material for our application. There are many custom classes defined by development team, which generates it's own html structure. With change of custom class, other HTML (under material) will get changed.

        Test Complete (14.10,14.30) not identifying those custom classes, for which we are facing lot of issues and even may move out from the tool, as this is a major chunk of our automation.

        Yesterday we had meeting with top management and they have given us few days to find out (work around). 


        Does testcomplete provide any plug-in to support this ?


        common, desktop, mobile and web are the extensions we are using.


        Thanks for your time and kind reply.