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5 years ago

Android Object Testing - On-Screen Action "Drag..." option doesn't recognize objects anymore

Hi,   I started Android application tests in TestComplete. I was struggling with devices and application preparation to start with object test. I did everything the same like here it was written: h...
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    5 years ago

    I got answer from support:
    "Our developers determined why the issue occurs - your app uses the controls which are not supported (androidx), and when TestComplete instruments such an app, it doesn't take into account the code which these controls add. Thus, we will need to make quite complex changes to the instrumentation process, this could take significant time - currently, we don't have any ETA when or whether we support such type of Android apps."

    They recomended anyway to instument my application by PatchServices.jar from source code:

    My developers added this .lib and it finally starts recognize my objects in app :).

    So if your application uses "androidx" controls, instrumentation in TestComplete will be not enough, you will need do this by adding PatchServices.lib in source code.


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    Adam Ryś