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11 years ago

Android app crashes when testcomplete runs the performLongClick event

In our android app we have to deep press and select option. To perform a deep press event I am using performLongClick function. After that when I use the Touch action for selecting the option android ...
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    11 years ago

    Hi Prasad,


    Please follow the steps to help us collect more information about the issue:


    1. Run Command Prompt.

    2. Navigate to the "<Android SDK>\Platform-tools\" folder. To do this, type:

    cd <your_drive_letter>:\<path_to_the_Android SDK>\Platform-tools\

    3. Execute the following command with Android Debugging Bridge:

    adb shell logcat -c

    4. Reproduce the problem.

    5. Execute the following command with Android Debugging Bridge to generate the report:

    adb shell logcat -d > dump.txt

    The "dump.txt" file will be created on your machine where the "adb.exe" executable file is located.

    6. Send the generated file to our TestComplete Support team.


    It will also be helpful if you provide us with your .apk file and test via Contact Support Form to reproduce the issue in our test lab.