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3 years ago

Allow groups to have timeout, on error option as test item and option to skip or jump to other group

This feature will help to use groups and subgroups more efficiently. If tests in a group are dependent on each other, on error or timeout will help to skip the group or jump to clean up group and continue testing further on

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  • Hey SangeetNenwani 


    To submit an enhancement see 



    Now continuing from yesterdays thread, it hasnt closed, lets see if there is a workaround to be found there.


    But in the mean time I would definitely submit that request using the above link  

    I understand using Items is near impossible for your team.


    Perhaps we can add logic to overcome your issue and accept as a workaround


    Lets see if we have other members opinions in the original thread posted yesterday





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      HEy vinniew 
      Thanks for the link, I want to post it as feature request, but by mistake I posted it in discussion again.
      Hope by the time I find out some workaround to continue testing more smoothly