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13 years ago

All IE Browser Crashes while executing FindAll method to search for a string.


I got IE Crash issue with following scenario.

I have to get a particular string (Flight ID after flight booking) from the page. for that i use FindAll method to search for that particular string, But as my script goes to findall method and try to execute it my internet explorer crashed in the end to end flow. and nothing will happen if i do the same steps independent with manually reach that particular page. (In that case IE doesn't crashes at FindAll, becoz i opened that page manually and run find all to find the string).

I tried with all versions of IE but issue remains same.

Please help.

I got the following error in event logs

"Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 8.0.6001.18702, faulting module oleacc.dll, version 7.0.2600.6153, fault address 0x0002965c."

Attached are the snapshots of errors.

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    I failed to reproduce the error you described. On my computer, everything works fine (I have Internet Explorer 8).

    So, currently, it's difficult for me to say why the error happens.

    I wonder why you are using FindAll. As far as I can see, you know the needed element, so if possible, I'd suggest that you address it like Page(...).Panel(..).Panel(..).TextNode(0).

    Also, if possible, you can ask developers to assign an id or name to the element displaying the flight id so that you can address this element by this id or name in tests. That will guarantee faster and fault-free work.

  • I have the same problem using Find with IE9.  It used to work without any problem until the windows updates.